It's NOT whether you get knocked down;

it's whether you get back UP

17th of February 2022:

While everyone was enjoying the free programms at the Olympics in Beijing, I had surgery on my ankle. 

28th of May:

I won the Niki Wories award 2020! 


Besides, ofcourse the honour to win this award, I also won a NOWORRIES shirt, 100 euros and ....... OMG I got officially invited to come to Canada for a week of training at Niki's rink including 5 hours of training with Niki and 1 hour with her coach Ian. I am so excited!


Nationals 2020

A 4th place at Nationals within one point of the silver medal in my first Junior year!


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 Photoshoot by Anna Photographic

Season 2018/2019

10 competitions, 10 podiumspots! Bronze at Nationals!

 Javier Fernandez, Madrid 2017

On this website you can read all about me and my biggest passion in life: Figure Skating!

All my stories are in Dutch and when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find my story in English.

It is kind of a journal, in which I write about everything I do on and around the ice. This way everyone who likes to follow or support me is able to see exactly what I do to get a little better everyday.

I wish you all a lot of viewing pleasure and please feel free to leave a message for me in my guestbook at the bottom of this page!

XxX Roos van der Pas


16 berichten op 4 pagina's
Zilver Van de ven
19-10-19 22:20:58
Veel succes Roosje op al je wedstrijden die nog gaan komen kusjes van zilver😍😘😘💕
Nika de Groot
19-12-17 13:11:08
Geweldige presentatie en ook een superleuke site. Ik had geen idee hoe kunstschaatsen er uit zou zien maar ik vind het prachtig. Jij verdient echt een plek bij de beste van Nederland!
Annefloor Bloemers
14-12-17 09:15:33
Heeyyyyy roosjuhhhh!!

Ben heel trots op jou en je bent in een korte tijd een goede vriendin geworden!! Talentjuhh❤

je Annefloortjuhhh❤🌸😍

En trouwens mooie pagina❤😜👌
baukje kuijlenborg
20-10-16 16:21:00
heeey roosje leuke pagina eenhoorntje 😜😁😂😂💁🎀❤💚
sophie mertens
30-08-15 19:55:16
hee roos! wat ben je vooruit gegaan in die tijd dat ik niet meer schaats! talentjee😅❤️❤️
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 Brian Orser, Andorra 2016



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